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Drone Hire Adelaide – DJI Authorised Re-Seller

Commercial Drone Services: Adelaide, South Australia. Aerial Surveying, Photography, Asset Management & Inspection Services


Who are we?

Drone Hire Adelaide is an immersive company that takes risks and changes how people think about drone technology. Our creative team and contractors have expansive Broadcast and Documentary skills to Asset Inspection services for Wind Turbines and Pipelines. We lead the business into the future with our technology.  DHA is a specialist in flying over hazardous areas and high demand sites needing a high level of safety. Many businesses trust us no matter the cost and travel required to ensure our team does the work for them. 

We can provide drone technology for your upcoming event or project. We can work to your budget to get the content you need. Live event to 3d models and surveying we can help you. We are completely CASA certified and hold licenses to 25kg. 

Drone Hire Adelaide is continuing and learning about aerial photography every day. We have state-of-the-art equipment and operators to save you money on your next project. We no longer have to send people into confined spaces or hard to access areas. We capture footage and return it to the client so the project can continue. We use our software platforms and drones to create a finished product the client can easily use. We are currently partnered with a few companies, including oil, gas, and renewables. We use our state-of-the-art technology to manage the pipeline. We have researched the art of Optical Gas Imaging to implement into gas sites to prevent leaks. 

We are a DJI Authorised Re-Seller for most makes and models of drones. We love integrating into business with drone technology and provide the full package with our project management skills- if you are looking for your next drone or a business looking to incorporate drone technology into your business, we offer a full consultancy package. We have many partners in business around Australia which allows us to offer the client the full package. 

Experts run DHA in their field, and our down-to-earth nature and experience mean we can offer advice and support for your next project. We are open to collaborating with our competition and offering good deals on product and services this ensure that the drone industry grows stronger every day. DHA service department means we have continued support for the pilots out in the field and back in the office. 



Oil and Gas Valve Inspection Thermal Imaging

Aerial Drone Mapping. Lidar Mapping

Asset Inspection and Management USING AI Software Monitoring

OIL & Gas PSV Pipeline Inspection


Flare Stack Inspection

3d Modeling

Inspection of Industrial and Commercial properties

Wind Turbine Inspections

Agriculture and Farming solutions.

Bridge Inspections

Engineering inspections

Thermal Imaging.

Electrical PV

Gas Leak Detection

Lidar Mapping

3d Data Processing

DJI Sales

Adam - CEO Drone Hire Adelaide

Adam is committed to the DHA brand and values. Adam’s background in Project Management and technical sales is what drives DHA. Everyone claims to be # 1; it’s not easy to differentiate and build your own authentic identity, Adam said. “Finding our target clients came down to first finding pride in our services. Our product is not unique. We have to be different from our competitors. The first was to ensure we cooperate and work alongside what may seem like our competitors in this market. The drone market is such an infant market. We pride ourselves on being proactive; This builds loyalty amongst our clients. Look for safer ways to get the job done.”

Adam Holds 

25kg RPAS License – Gas Test Atmosphere. 

High-Risk License and White Card 

DHA ReOC 6526 Under Drone Hire Adelaide PTY LTD

Drone Hire Adelaide Specialist in working closely with the business to secure future for their clients with drone technology – We offer advice and mentoring or even our services to help them adapt quickly to changing technology.

We also have a dedicated team to help your business tell a story. This is not just any marketing videos. Talk to us about how our experts turn your normal marketing video into something special. Our experts have researched the art of social behaviour and storytelling.

1300 445 454 – AUSTRALIA WIDE


Mission and Vision:

Established in South Australia, Drone Hire Adelaide was founded with a vision to broaden the use of drone technology. The quality of service and efficiency of work are the bases for where the company stands today. We are leaders in the Wind turbine, oil & Gas Sector. We believe in using the right technology, and we understand that to be leaders, we need to take risks and adapt to technology.

We will do this by collaborating and not competing with our competition and work towards a mutual goal.

Our Services



Reliability of work is our top most priority. The pre-production and post-production requirements of films are primarily kept in view. Therefore, providing you with the best we can.

CASA Approved

Safety always comes first in the work we do. Drone Hire Adelaide is registered with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA). That means the safety of clients, gear, team and the general public is our responsibility.


Insurance is a significant thing to do in our business. Therefore, we have always been on the leading path in this regard.

Creative Staff

Creativity is at its best among the people of Drone Hire Adelaide. The professionals that we have hired are highly skilled and some of the well-reputed people in the industry.

Affordable Pricing

Drone Hire Adelaide offers surprisingly best available affordable rates for its valuable clients. That’s why we stand out!

24/7 Customer Support

Drone Hire Adelaide offers uninterrupted and a very responsive customer support helpline for its users. The staff there is ready to answer your queries in the most friendly and hospitable manner possible.
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