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Drone Services- Bridges and Structure Drone Inspection

Drone Hire Adelaide provides professional bridges and structure drone inspection services throughout Australia using our advanced drone technology and licensed operators.

Drones can prove to be a valuable asset of bridge inspection. Drone Services Australia can cut down costs big time! From first data collection to area inspection and even close up images of potentially troubling areas, drones can do it all.

Normal traditional bridge inspections are usually difficult, risky, and costly and time-consuming. Drone Hire Australia drones typically provide better and more accurate images quality.

DHA RPAS can perform most life-threatening jobs much faster, and at the fraction of the costs, a traditional method would take. They eliminate most of the risks and can work under a wide range of weather conditions. As such, they can be used to quickly and safely inspect bridges for defects after natural disasters such as storms, hail weather, and more.

Traditional bridge inspection methods are risky to not only the workers, but also for the general public and users. Workers often suspended from the sides or underneath the bridges to assess the major components. The complexity, risks, and precautions during the inspection depending on the size and design of the bridge. Bigger bridges, over large volumes of water or high-speed rivers, are more dangerous and especially if they are also busy.

DHA can help to generate the 3D models of bridges. These are useful in identifying defects and valuable for future projects. Generally, the UAVs can access almost any part of the bridge, including the sides, top and underside, better than human workers. Its capabilities include accessing the hard to reach areas, confined spaces and other areas that a human would have difficulties assessing properly.


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