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Drone Hire Adelaide Inspections – Flare Stack & Pipeline Inspection.

Drone Hire Adelaide provides professional oil and gas drone inspection services throughout  Australia using our advanced drone technology and have very particular skills and licensed operators. We have the most advanced technology-based drones for oil and gas inspection services.

Drone Hire Adelaide offer thermal flare inspections and surveys. We can inspect flare stack and pipelines both onshore and even offshore rigs. DHA can inspect the units are live and online, avoiding the requirement to shut down in most situations… This means savings can run high for your business.

We can inspect the Flare Tip, Ignition system and even th3d model your project and assets.

DHA Have major contracts in place with large stakeholders companies within the  Oil and Gas sector – DHA Manage assets and pipeline yearly and maintain the highest quality workflow. 

DHA partnerships with 3d Asset Modelling comprises means we can manage your assets in real-time and the engineers and maintenance don’t leave their office. Inspections will be recorded into DHA management software for viewing online whenever you need it. We enable quicker communication at a fraction of the cost. Find out how we can integrate into your business today. 

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