Wind Turbine Inspections

Drone Hire Adelaide can provide professional aerial wind turbine drone inspection services in Australia using our advanced drone technology and licensed operators.

Drone Hire Adelaide are experts in WindTurbine Inspection. We offer package pricing depending on your budget and asset number. DHA use DJI M300 drone and H20T to capture images without getting the drone close to the asset 50m Off. DHA offers a pro package, and your content can be uploaded to our data partners to give you a comprehensive data analysis. They also store your data so it can be viewed at any time. The software also makes us aware of the inspection dates and times so DHA can keep your project moving and on time every 6 months.

Our wind turbine blade inspection drone DJI M300 keeping people on the ground is one of the most obvious drones’ benefits. Crews can get a close-up view of a potential defect without climbing. If you have a drone team, you can conduct spot checks on short notice and with minimal setup time, which is perfect for wind farms.

DHA Partnership with a local Australian Rope Access company means we can also provide a fast and easy solution for maintenance and a fraction of the cost. This connection is included in all packages, and they are the world-class leaders in rope access.

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