Mapping and Surveying South Australia With Engeo Australia

Mapping and Surveying For Engeo Australia

We were on site this morning in a high-pressure situation. (Yes We were blocking a lane on the SE Freeway 🙂 We managed to work with our clients to close one lane of the main freeway into Adelaide. Although we slowed traffic for 1.5 hours while we mapped the cliff and area using Drone and RTK. People were complaining one driver even yelling the above statement out his window. This shows how out of touch people are with change. The Drone Hire Adelaide Team took all the data back to be merged into the point cloud. We have minimised countless hours of slowed traffic to ensure the engineers can work from their office with the data we collected instead of the job site. The cliff was also 15m high, and nobody was put into unsafe situations. All the drone pilots I know are successful business entrepreneurs, some being involved in big contracts because they are adaptive. Pilots have to make an income on their reputation in the market. Ours continues to build, but I have a real job, and I love watching and being part of this industry and seeing our clients also adapt.

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Drone Hire Adelaide – Commercial Drone Services

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