Aerial Drone Surveying and Mapping LIDAR -

WE OFFER - Accurate RTK SURVEY with Ground Control

LIDAR, Mapping, Surveying and Orthomasic Photography -South Australia – Thermal Imaging Solar Farm Mapping and defect using Unleash Live Reporting WE Use In-house Qualified Surveyors


Drone Hire Adelaide provides professional aerial drone surveying and mapping services throughout Australia using our drone technology.

Survey drones generate high-resolution data and detailed 3D models of areas where low-quality, outdated, or even no data, are available. High-accuracy 2d and 3d maps to be produced quickly and easily. DHA Have extensive skills in Thermal Mapping for solar farms and more.  Aerial images taken by drones significantly accelerate and simplify topographic surveys for land management and planning. These images also provide the foundation for detailed models of site topography for engineering studies. The generated data can also be transferred to any CAD software so that engineers can immediately start working from a 3D model. With 3D mapping software, it is also possible to obtain Volumetric/Stockpile measurements from the same images. This fast and inexpensive volume measurement method helps calculate stocks in mines and quarries for inventory or monitoring purposes.

LIDAR Drone Mapping Available with Full Post Processing by qualified Surveyor for Assets and Mapping including Erosion Monitoring. Lidar Units Used at Drone Hire Adelaide Integrated into the Matrice 300 RTK 

Zenmusse L1 

RIEGL miniVUX-on Matric 300 RTK

Main Applications of Lidar 
Agriculture & Forestry
Snowfield Mapping
Cultural Heritage Documentation
Construction-Site Monitoring
Landslide Monitoring

DHA also has access to Lidar and can meet clients’ specific requests.

We do all 2d /3d mapping in-house on state-of-the-art computers and software designed for mapping. We can minimise the costs because we don’t outsource on most projects. However, we recommend Trendspek for Asset data and collection because the cloud-based software is great for inter-office collaboration.
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