DHA Use Software to Manage Wind Turbine, Oil & Gas Assets Top 5 Choice Software You Should Use

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Top 5 Software Options For Asset Management.  


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Scopito Scopito | Geo-matching.com

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The leading edge of wind turbine inspection software - Scopito

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Top 5 Software Options For Drone Asset Management.  

Monitor asset trends:

Drone Hire Adelaide realise you want an easier way to monitor asset trends so you can better predict future maintenance. Enhance your predictive maintenance schedule by closely monitor trends. View different 3D models side by side to easily look for important differences. Refine your understanding of an ever-changing asset through repeat aerial inspections. Drone Hire Adelaide Use M300 RTk using this drone allows DHA to gather the same information from the same GPS location. There are many types of asset inspection software but DHA believes after long research that we can provide the right software for your project. We do this by consulting with you on budget and outlines of the project. DHA use Tredspek for any 3d asset management. Using this data you can easily see trends of your assets. This software works well for Telecommunication towers and Oil & Gas subjects. DHA use Scopito for Wind turbine as Scopito handles simple 2d images well. Raptor maps and DroneDeploy are also common software outputs for solar farm surveying and stockpile calculation.


DHA top 5 Asset Inspection Software Choices. Catch up on our next blog where I have attended the latest robotics conference and expo. 

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