Stockpile Measurement

Drone Hire Adelaide provides professional drone stockpile measurement software services throughout Australia using our advanced drone technology and licensed operators.

Drone Hire Adelaide Use Volume measurement services with Agisoft or DroneDeploy Software is a speedy, accurate, and cost-effective method to analyze volumes on your maps from any device. User tests have found that DroneDeploy volume measurements are accurate when following best practices within 1-2% of traditional ground-based laser measurements.

Whether you work in the construction, mining, or oil gas sectors, stockpile management is a critical requirement on any job site. But measuring stockpiles can be unsafe, time-consuming, and expensive. This puts you in a difficult position. You need accurate data to run your business operations, but you shouldn’t have to send your survey team into the field for hours on a dangerous job site.

What if you could gather the same survey data in minutes from the safety of the ground, all while achieving higher accuracy and freeing up your survey team to focus on other high-priority projects? Sound too good to be true? Nope. Drones Hire Adelaide can offer drone volume measurement software.

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