Thermal Imaging Drone HV Power Assets- POWER LINE

Aerial Asset Inspection for Utilities, Solar Farms ,  Oil & Gas Companies Onshore Offshore

Drone hire Adelaide offers Drone inspection services for Utility companies in South Australia and Australia. Historically, powerline inspection has been manual.

Forward-thinking Electrical companies, drone technology, and capabilities are advancing rapidly in many ways. With a thermal enabled aerial platform, you can reduce risk to personnel, significantly lower thermal inspection costs and complete surveys within minutes instead of hours. The need for traditional methods like manual inspection is dangerous, which is why drones are becoming the smartest solution for powerline inspection.

The possibilities for data capture by drones have expanded considerably and upgraded to various cameras, including the DJI H20T and sensors systems, capable of capturing a wealth of data. In addition to standard cameras, you have the technology, such as Flir thermal imagery to identify hotspots; LiDAR (light distancing and ranging), which can build a 3D map of the physical world of electrical poles and networks; This Lidar can use different wavelengths of light to identify plant species and vegetation risks.

Drone Hire Adelaide has many different options for our clients. We analyze and capture the data using Asset Inspection software to save our clients a lot of time and money. Drone Hire Adelaide can use AI to monitor your asset


Or Light Detection And Ranging use light to determine the distance of an object from the LiDAR-sensor. The sensor (here: attached to a flying object) sends down pulses of laser, which reflect off the surface of objects below it. The LiDAR-sensor also contains a GPS receiver, which constantly measures x- and y-coordinates alongside the sensors’ height above the ground.

Data from these three components is computed to give a very accurate and detailed 3D point cloud of the landscape below the LiDAR-sensor. The point cloud needs to be further processed to achieve a true view of the landscape/object.


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