Drone Hire Adelaide Flying on Hazardous Sites.

Working With Callidus Process Solutions Oil and Gas Site South Australia



Oil and Gas Flare Stack Inspection Drone Hire Adelaide


Today, Drone Hire Adelaide has discovered that to be different from those in the market, we would market ourselves around safety.
Some more of our team are gaining Atmosphere Gas Testing. To be eligible to apply for permits on hazardous sites, we provided a high-level JSA, and the entire crew must have this nationally recognised qualification when working onsite. Most Drones are not intrinsically safe, but there are ways to minimise risk.

Our Project for the next week will be working alongside partner company Callidus Process Solutions to inspect and maintain valves using drone technology to enhance the day-to-day offering to their clients, including reducing staff from High-risk locations and increasing asset information. Drones over high-risk sites require an enormous amount of planning and the look on my body language in this photo is the moment I realise that after months of hard work, we are finally ready to get on-site with the Callidus team. We are so excited to working alongside them to deliver their goals. The team and I will continue to work onsite for the next seven days.

Callidus Process Solutions

Drone Hire Adelaide – Commercial Drone Services

One of the most significant benefits of drone use is that people can access high-risk areas without risking their crew.
Let’s say you need to inspect an extremely tall structure. You could have rope access to reach these areas, which is required from time to time. You can send in a drone with a camera. A drone can handle being around chemical or fire risks, like oil refineries, pipelines, or flare stacks.
DHA has recently ensured that our insurance covers those high-risk areas before we fly in them. This important to be noted on your insurance when flying. DHA is a PTY Limited company. The industry brings a lot of rouge small contractors. DHA team has Work Cover insurance and white cards at a minimum for those flying within your project. We don’t cut corners, and we can’t afford to. When we fly in these areas there is no personnel risk.
Overall, DHA and Drone safety, in general, is improving the health and safety industry. Start investing in the solutions, and you’ll begin to see an improvement in your safety strategy change on your project. However, use a company that also carries the same safety standards that you would want flying over your high-risk site. We have consulting services to guide you and recommend drone companies and people around Australia doing the right thing.

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