Mapping Solar Farm With AI Reporting

Thermographic analysis for  solar panel inspections


Operational efficiency

Conventional solar plant inspection methods are manual, slow, and complex to perform. Instantly access your media and devices. Search, store, review and share all live stream videos for updates to key stakeholders on progress.

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Automate workflow

Drive operational efficiencies with the automation of fault detection. Solar A.I. App Identifies five types of faults: overheating component panels, diode faults, hot spots, interconnection faults, and cluster breaks. Have inspectors only focus on the components selected by the A. I App for further verification and specific work order creation.


Accessible data records

Your media library stores all visual inspection assets, whether streamed from a drone or side-loaded from Google Drive. View your assets geo-spatially with Fusion Atlas, or share and collaborate to view changes over time.

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